Our luxury portrait experience located in Savannah exists to help you feel beautiful with quality makeup & hair styling, and the most glamourous boudoir photography, glamour shots, or pin up photography of your dreams!


Savannah Glamour is my dream come true. It’s that simple. I absolutely love what I get to do everyday. Working with women in the most beautiful backdrops Savannah has to offer. Playing dress up with glitzy, amazing gowns, jewelry, and shoes. What woman doesn’t dream of playing dress up every day for a living? But Savannah Glamour is so much more than that to me. It is a place to help women see themselves in a different, gentler light. I feel as though we are too hard on ourselves on a day to day basis, and the Savannah Glamour experience is meant to set aside a day to re-organize your priorities. To treat yourself, and turn all the love you give to the world around for just one day, and give yourself that same love.

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A Pin Up, Boudoir, or Glamour session is a half day experience including professional hair and makeup, an extensive glamour closet, and a one of a kind portrait session.

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Session fee for a boudoir, pinup, or glamour session is $500
Return to the studio 1 week after your portrait session for a reveal & order appointment! Digital files and products are sold separately.


the Savannah Glamour experience

"You can see the utter joy and happiness in her models faces!

I’ve been photographed by Megan in the past but this was my first full on Savannah Glamour experience! And what an experience it was!! I got to pick out my favorite dresses from the glamor closet, which is like a color coded rainbow of about 200 ballgowns!

Then the wonderfully sweet Johanna did my hair and makeup, with amazing results! Megan and I chatted while Johanna worked her magic, and I expressed some of my reservations about posing and the quarantine weight I had put on. Megan is the biggest cheerleader and more than soothed my nerves! This is what she does for a living and if you are at all familiar with her work, you can see the utter joy and happiness in her models faces! That’s the real Savannah Glamour experience, how much fun and empowering she makes it!

We then drove around to some of my favorite locations around town and began snapping pictures, giggling, and swinging the dresses around to capture light and movement. With each photo I got more and more comfortable and even surprised myself with how much fun I was having modeling. And let me tell you, the photos turned out so so so much better than my wildest dreams! I can’t stress enough how much I love the results! Not to sound conceited but I look so gorgeous in her photos, I can’t even believe it!

The whole experience is one I truly will never forget and I have the photos to always remind me. Thank you Savannah Glamour team!!!!"

- Morgann

Megan, first and foremost THANK YOU FROM MY HEART. Now I am going to list all of the reasons for why I am so thankful for you.

I haven’t had the “easiest” of life and it has been full of trauma, trials, and tribulations. What I have experienced in life, I only hope I am doing better with my three children. With marriage & motherhood you don’t put yourself first anymore. When I chose to get in front of your brilliance, kindness, talent & camera I have never been more nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. I chose ME!

You were so welcoming, allowing me to have fun by realizing through the internal emotional scars, fears, body shaming, and as I am approaching 40, just celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary, you reminded me of my WHY! When my husband and I arrived for my reveal there you were again, sharing this intimate experience with me but also being there for me as my husband got to view my beauty through your eyes. This boudoir photo shoot with you was more than I could have ever imagined. I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life and you play a huge part in my confidence & I’m looking forward to it!


"This boudoir photo shoot with you was more than I could have ever imagined.

- Danielle

"Thanks for helping me remember that even through it all I’m still me, and I am still worth it!

I had been following Megan for months, admiring all the beautiful photos and the confidence showing through in all these women but being so conservative I was afraid to book. After struggling with just being someone’s wife, or their mom, or another employee I decided it was time to do something for myself for once. I took the plunge and told Megan right from the start how nervous I was and how this was WAY out of my norm. She made me feel comfortable from the very first phone call.

She didn’t make me beautiful, we as women already are, but she did make me feel beautiful, and confident as she captured photos that enhanced all the right things. She is truly an artist! (I’d say a miracle worker, but she swears it’s me in my photos!!) Thanks for helping me remember that even through it all I’m still Amy, and I am still worth it! If you are on the fence, absolutely take the plunge. You deserve it! The whole experience is beyond amazing!!"

- Amy

"It is remarkable what Megan does with her camera and team!

Megan and the Savannah Glamour team made my session an unforgettable experience! I was so nervous trying on all those gorgeous dresses, but as soon as I sat down to get my hair and makeup done most of my nerves went away (my hands were still a little sweaty lol). Megan and Joanna were so easy to talk to that I felt like we knew each other for years. Once we started taking the first couple shots, I was like oh yeah I got this!!

Even though there were a ton of people around us, Megan made me feel like it was just me and her! She gave such great direction and eventually I got the leg action going (she knows what I'm talking about lol) and I was killing it! I'm pretty humble but she made me own it and rock it!!

I cannot thank you enough for making me come out of my comfort zone and making me feel so glamorous again in my own skin! If you haven't done your research or booked a session yet, please do! It is remarkable what Megan does with her camera and team!

- Brittany


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