Laurie Jo | Savannah Glamour Shots

I officially launched Savannah Glamour in January 2017. It has only been six months, but I have never done something more wonderful and meaningful in my life. Savannah Glamour just makes perfect sense, and I am amazed at the fledgling success a glamour studio has had in this short period of time! In February 2016, I photographed Laurie Jo’s elopement. Ever since then, we have been friends and kept in touch. Just before I officially launched Savannah Glamour, Laurie Jo was visiting from her home state of Maryland. I showed her “The Dress” on my phone. At that time, I had only just ordered The Dress, but it was soon to become a studio favorite! Laurie Jo was so excited, she booked her glamour session on the spot, and promised she would fly back to make it happen! Well, she did, and she rocked not only The Dress, but another dress I had purchased some months later for the Glamour Closet. It rained on her shoot day, but there was no rescheduling, so we moved forward. I am SO GLAD we did!! Her photos turned  out so amazingly, and Laurie Jo will have some big beautiful metal prints to adorn her walls to prove it! Enjoy these images from Laurie Jo’s glamour portrait session!

Before & After

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