Megan | Savannah Glamour Shots Mermaid Hair

August 30, 2018

From the first time I spoke to Megan on the phone about her shoot, I just knew we were going to have the best time. She was sweet and bubbly and excited, plus she loves all things pinup, her name is Megan, and she has mermaid hair!! As a fellow Megan who one day plans […]


Savannah is such a beautiful place to work, but that’s nothing compared to working with a woman who is beautiful both inside and out! Cecilia is such an amazing pillar in our community, from being a runner (Check the photo in her gym shoes!), to the lead in many plays and productions, a fundraiser and […]

Cecilia | Savannah Glamour Shots

April 2, 2018


Laurie Jo | Savannah Glamour Shots

July 31, 2017

I officially launched Savannah Glamour in January 2017. It has only been six months, but I have never done something more wonderful and meaningful in my life. Savannah Glamour just makes perfect sense, and I am amazed at the fledgling success a glamour studio has had in this short period of time! In February 2016, […]


Before & After

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