double mastectomy breast reconstruction chest tattoo portrait

Empowerment Boudoir Session with Christine and her Badass Double Mastectomy Tattoo

July 27, 2023

Christine booked me months ago to celebrate and show off a tattoo she hadn’t even gotten yet. After her double mastectomy and re-construction, her doctor offered to give her some tattoo artist referrals who would tattoo areola’s back onto her reconstructed breasts, or even some sort of flowery tattoo over the ta-tas. Christine didn’t feel […]


woman posing for glamour portrait wearing black gown and wings

When I started Savannah Glamour, I wanted it to be a portrait studio like no other. And still, no one offers more than this studio for the Savannah and surrounding areas for your boudoir or glamour session. We even have women fly from all over the US to shoot with us! One of the incredible […]

Savannah Glamour Session Must Have Accessory: Angel Wings!

November 1, 2021


woman in a sheer dress posing holding a lightsaber

Star Wars Themed Boudoir Session in Savannah

October 4, 2021

I have always considered myself a bit of a nerd. Not necessarily a Star Wars nerd, but certainly a board game, Harry Potter, Photography nerd. But when one of my clients brought lightsabers to her Savannah Glamour boudoir session, and we kicked on the smoke machine for added effect, I was instantly hooked! I ran […]


woman posing for boudoir photo session

Cheryl booked her boudoir photography session as a gift for her husband. He had a near death experience last year, and Cheryl promised herself she would live life to the fullest from that moment on. On her bucket list was gifting her husband a boudoir photography album of beautiful photos of herself. I loved working […]

Boudoir Photography Session with Cheryl in Savannah

September 23, 2021


Brook’s Boudoir Shoot in Savannah | Savannah Glamour

April 14, 2021

As of March 1st, Savannah Glamour has officially moved to a new studio! We went from renters in a snazzy downtown space that was hard to park at, to owners at a gorgeous midtown location that offers lots of parking and privacy. New photos of the space coming soon, but I am so excited to […]


Did you know the best portrait studio for boudoir in the low country is just 50 minutes away from Hilton Head Island? If you’re in Hilton Head, and you’re looking for a boudoir photographer, it’s worth the short drive to Savannah! Savannah Glamour has a gorgeous studio full of beautiful lingerie, professional hair and makeup, […]

Hilton Head Boudoir

March 2, 2021


Aleshia’s Bridal Boudoir Photography | Savannah Glamour

June 1, 2020

Aleshia contacted me earlier this year to help her create a gift for her fiancé on their wedding night! She decided to travel to Savannah from Jacksonville FL for her bridal boudoir photos, and it was so worth the trip! Aleshia described herself to me as “like a tea kettle, short and stout”, but I […]


Boudoir photography is an act of bravery. It is an act of self assurance. It is an empowering act. The women I have had the honor of photographing are awe inspiring, strong women that accept the challenge of being free. Free from restrictions. Free from expectations. Free from judgment, their own included. Savannah Glamour offers […]

Alyssa’s Mermaid Hair Boudoir Photography Shoot | Savannah Glamour

March 30, 2017