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This year Savannah Glamour will be offering The Goddess Series! Each of Savannah Glamour's clients will have the opportunity to become a Goddess during their portrait session. How do you become a Goddess, and what does it all entail? Read on:

What is a Savannah Glamour Goddess?
Our Goddesses will be women who partake in the Goddess Series. During your regular portrait session, we will have planned out a portion to explore a creative idea unlike any other photo session.

How do I Become A Goddess?
the Goddess Series is available to ANYONE who PRE PAYS for the following collections in 2022:
The Diamond Collection
The Platinum Collection
The Gold Collection
The Full Digital Collection

The Details:
-When you pre-pay for any of the above collections, and complete payment at least 30 days before your shoot, you will be eligible to be included in The Goddess Series for your session!

-You can trust Megan with an idea she has, or offer an idea of your own. 

-Being part of the Goddess Series will cost 1 perk point

-This offer is only available for 2022 clients

The Goddess Gala
On December 3rd, 2022, we will have a gala to celebrate The Goddess Series!

Tickets to this gala will be given in pairs to the participants of the project, and to anyone who upgrades to the top three collections at their reveal, even if they did not participate in the series.

At the Goddess Gala, we will unveil the best of The Goddess Series in different media!

This gala will be one of a kind, and is not to be missed.

This idea is for my 2022 girls, and so far it has been an incredible success! but I am beyond excited to explore a more creative portrait experience with you ladies. I wanted to gift something wonderful to my best clients, and this is it! I hope every one of you can partake in The Goddess Series in 2022. If it all goes well, my goal is to bring it back in later years, but for now I am considering it a 1 year experiment. More details will be released throughout 2022, but do not hesitate to reach out if you're interested in becoming A Goddess!

A Note From Megan

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