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More Than Photos

You deserve to feel beautiful, powerful, and worthy of stepping in front of the camera. I am here to prove to you that this experience is not only fun, but can change how you see yourself, as a human who is worthy of having this experience. Come treat yo’ self to a portrait session where all you have to do is book and show up, and you will be swept into an incredible experience that will leave you feeling empowered, bold, and beautiful! We are creating photos that you will treasure for a lifetime!

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What to expect during your session

the Experience

A woman posing in a glamorous gown outdoors in front of an archway in Savannah, GA
step one

The Transformation

This portrait session always starts with my favorite artist doing your hair and makeup. Regular everyday hair and makeup does not read as well as portrait-ready hair and makeup, so she will give you the glamorous makeover that will show up beautifully on camera. 

Next, we raid my incredible client wardrobe. This wardrobe is something you really have to see to believe! Over 175 pieces of lingerie in 00-32, and a kaleidoscope of gowns all lined up for you to look through. We have well over 200 gowns in sizes 00-30! See the perfect gown that doesn’t quite fit? We have lots of little tricks to help, like clamping, tying, and leaving zippers open to help make things fit.

step two

The Photoshoot

The portrait experience is the best part! Whether we are doing your boudoir session in studio on one of the various different sets we offer, or heading into downtown Savannah for our beautiful city’s best backdrops, I will be guiding you through every pose and every smile. I will tell you what to do with your hands, arms, and legs, while I will tell you my most ridiculous stories to get you laughing and smiling!

Half way through, you’ll start to realize that this all feels very comfortable and natural and being in front of the camera is not so scary! We are going to create amazing portraits of you, and you’ll have fun in the process!

a woman in her underwear stretching her arms up against a wall
step three

Reveal & Ordering

After your photo shoot, we will send you home, and you will strut out of my studio feeling like a million bucks! We give your photos a soft edit. You will not see any cellulite, acne, or under-eye bags in these photos! You return one week later for a reveal and order appointment. This part is so wonderful because the first time you see your finished photos, I will be by your side. I will walk you through all the images, pump you back up about them, and we will decide how you want to take them home and treasure them.

My studio offers products as well as digital files. While digital files are great, I want your images to last you for YEARS! Unfortunately, the shelf life of digital files is about 10-12 years before the technology moves on from being able to print and share them. That is why we offer beautiful custom albums filled with your favorite images from your shoot. We also offer beautiful metal wall art so you can proudly display your image! We offer desk art, peep shows, and so many more items that are great to gift, or keep for yourself. We will send you home with the artwork in your hands.


Real client Experiences

5 stars


The entire experience was amazing. So much good energy and encouragement. I had an absolute blast with Megan. I just had my reveal and actually upgraded my package because I loved so many shots. Book book book….you’ll be so glad you did!”

- Angelita
5 stars

"I had THE very best experience with Megan at Savannah Glamour!

Preparation for the shoot was super fun and easy! All we had to do was show up….Megan herself is so wonderful. She truly loves what she does and it shows through her work. She gives off the best energy! She instantly makes you feel comfortable, you can talk to her like you’ve been friends for years. And of course, the picture quality she produces is just beautiful. I will be rebooking with her! Thank you, Megan!!!”

- Cody
5 stars

"Thank you so much Megan I am already looking forward to my next session.

Oh where to begin… Megan and Harmony are AMAZING!!! I was super nervous about my boudoir session, the posing and being in lingerie just all of it and they made me feel so comfortable and we had so much fun! And looking at these photos I just kept saying “she’s so beautiful” …. She is me lol!!”

- R.W.


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The session fee is $500.

A 3-4 hour luxury portrait experience, professional hair and makeup, access to our extensive wardrobe

Our client closet boats over 200 gowns, 85 pinup dresses, and 175 pieces of lingerie in sizes 00-30. We have something for every body!

The main three are boudoir, pinup and glamour. I also offer:
couples/engagement sessions
-couples boudoir
-branding sessions

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Take back your feminine power, your divine energy, and rediscover your self-confidence. Book your portrait session with Savannah Glamour and you’ll get so much more than photos.