Maternity Glamour

A maternity session doesn't always feel like the most glamorous time, but it is an important time to document as you bond with the new life you're creating! Having timeless photos to cherish will certainly bring you so much joy as your child grows up. It is a perfect time to document your growing family, and throwing in some glitz to the maternity to give it a little glam doesn't hurt!

Maternity Boudoir

A maternity boudoir session is a new type of genre. It is time for us as women to celebrate the incredible feat our body can do, producing new life! Celebrate yourself and this important time with beautiful, classy, and timeless boudoir maternity photos in our private Savannah Georgia studio!

The goddess series magazine is the final product of a year long artistic endeavor. The Savannah Glamour clients had the option, during their regular portrait session, to upgrade to a more creative and out of the box type of portrait shoot. This magazine has collected the best of The Goddess series, and put them together for you to enjoy. Included are the owner (megan) and assistant (harmon)'s goddess series session. 


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