Empowerment Boudoir Session with Christine and her Badass Double Mastectomy Tattoo

A black and white photo of a woman with tattoos.

Christine booked me months ago to celebrate and show off a tattoo she hadn’t even gotten yet. After her double mastectomy and re-construction, her doctor offered to give her some tattoo artist referrals who would tattoo areola’s back onto her reconstructed breasts, or even some sort of flowery tattoo over the ta-tas. Christine didn’t feel like the flowery sort. She told me she’s a badass, a Harley rider, and a cancer survivor, she wanted something more “herself”. She instead opted for a tattoo with a skull right in the center, lace and crystals, all in black. The artwork is by Jason Beck of Ghost Town Tattoo, Savannah.

When Christine booked, I could see her vision, and knew she had to wear my black angel wings to complete the look! She brought a mini skirt with high boots and leggings, all in black, her favorite color. When she first walked out of the changing room in the full ensemble, her Beyond Boobs™ out, she gave me the proudest smile, and I knew this strong woman was ready to celebrate all she has been through, and all the amazing yet to come!

If you are going through something similar to Christine, and thinking about getting a tattoo like this, I encourage you to be true to yourself! She did, and look how much she glows with confidence over her beautiful new artwork!

Some kind words from Christine “I really enjoyed my session with Savannah Glamour!! Megan makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door!! Last spring, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s been a bumpy road this past year from having a double mastectomy, breast reconstruction, then a full chest tattoo. I decided what could possibly be the best final step in healing than having an empowering boudoir photo shoot to make you feel like a badass woman!! Megan, Harmony and Emily make a terrific team! Since I no longer have real breasts, I was calling them the not boobs, we all decided that wasn’t a good name and came up with Beyond Boobs, not real breast but beyond. It was a wonderful awe- inspiring day!! would highly recommend Savannah Glamour to every woman, for that confidence boost.”

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Hair & Makeup by Emily May

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