Milk bath maternity photoshoot in Savannah, Georgia

A pregnant woman laying in a tub with pink flowers.

Recently we have been offering milk bath sessions to our maternity clients! Expecting a little can be such an exciting time, making sure you’ve gotten ready for the new baby, and putting the nursery together, but I find capturing yourself during this time of life can be so important! A maternity session is not worth skipping, as those photos are going to be cherished forever!

pregnant woman in a tub of milk and flowers

I am a twin myself, and there only exists 1 photo of my mom when she was pregnant with us. I would kill to go back in time and make sure she had a proper session with her bump so we could treasure those photos as 34 year olds!

Milk baths for maternity photo sessions have increased in popularity, and I can completely see why! Having a gorgeous mother submerged in opaque water, so the bump can be the true focus. We have included flowers to help celebrate the baby and add an extra aesthetic to these gorgeous bump pictures.

A maternity milk bath photo session is absolutely the way to go if you’re pregnant and expecting in Savannah Georgia! Contact us today to book your session!

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