Azalea Season Glamour Photography in Savannah

A young woman in a pink dress posing in front of pink flowers.

Azalea season is one of the most exciting times in Savannah! Georgia has a special way to welcome in the spring, and it’s with an explosion of flowers! Azalea season always happens for about three weeks, between mid-February until mid-April. I knew when this year’s Azalea season was coming around, the studio had only boudoirs booked, so I got my team together to take some gorgeous photos in Savannah’s flowers!

woman in a red glamour gown standing between two azalea bushes in Savannah, Georgia

Crystal, my makeup artist, did our hair and makeup. Harmony helped me photograph myself, I helped these two beauties pick gowns from our extensive glamour closet to help go with the flowers.

A kind passerby happily grabbed a quick photo of the three of us together, and I am so thrilled!

As Savannah’s Azalea Season comes to an end, I feel like we made the most of it, and I will use these photos next year to help encourage everyone to book their glamour when the flowers are in bloom!

woman laughing in front of a flower bush in Savannah, Georgia
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