woman in a pink glamour gown smelling a pink flower bush in Savannah

Azalea Season Glamour Photography in Savannah

April 3, 2023

Azalea season is one of the most exciting times in Savannah! Georgia has a special way to welcome in the spring, and it’s with an explosion of flowers! Azalea season always happens for about three weeks, between mid-February until mid-April. I knew when this year’s Azalea season was coming around, the studio had only boudoirs […]


Hi friends, Megan here. I am shocked/stoked Savannah Glamour has been a business for 5 years. I spent a good six months of 2016 preparing to launch Savannah Glamour, and gave it the official “Here it is! My portrait studio!!!” on January 1st 2017! I asked my main girls to do this shoot with me! […]

Savannah Glamour’s 5 Year Anniversary!

January 1, 2022


couples glamour portrait outside in Savannah

Couples Glamour Session with Stacey and David

December 1, 2021

This couples glamour session was very special to me. You see, these two love birds are my parents. They live in a Chicago suburb (where I grew up). We try to visit each other as much as possible. On their most recent trip to Savannah to visit me, I talked them into doing a couples […]


branding session headshot outside in Savannah

Ashley is a regular client of Savannah Glamour, and this time she came back to do a business branding session! I love working with Ashley, her first session was a boudoir photoshoot, and she has a gorgeous triptych of metals hanging in her bedroom from that session. Her second session she booked for her gorgeous […]

Business Branding Session with Ashley

November 25, 2021


woman posing for glamour portrait wearing black gown and wings

Savannah Glamour Session Must Have Accessory: Angel Wings!

November 1, 2021

When I started Savannah Glamour, I wanted it to be a portrait studio like no other. And still, no one offers more than this studio for the Savannah and surrounding areas for your boudoir or glamour session. We even have women fly from all over the US to shoot with us! One of the incredible […]


woman in a pink gown posing for glamour portrait in Savannah

This is one of my favorite Savannah glamour sessions I have ever photographed! I have been running Savannah Glamour for four and a half, almost five years, and when Lara found me on instagram, she was IN! Lara decided she wanted it all, so when she booked, she added lots of free perks to her […]

Savannah Glamour Session with Lara

October 19, 2021


Crystal’s Mothers Day Glamour Shots | Savannah Glamour

May 11, 2021

Crystal had her own glamour shots done for her birthday in October, and right then we planned her Mother’s Day spectacular event! Both Crystal and her two daughters traveled into Savannah from Michigan and Florida for a Mother’s Day glamour shots. Camille and Chelsea had heard about the Savannah Glamour experience from their mother, but […]


Destiny & Eddie swung into Savannah for Destiny’s birthday! They went on ghost tours, ate at the pink house, wandered the squares, and did all the classic Savannah things! They also booked couple’s glamour shots, which I like to think as something classically Savannah to do! Eddie brought two beautiful tuxedos, and Destiny chose two […]

Destiny & Eddie’s Couple’s Glamour Shots | Savannah Glamour

February 7, 2021


Mackenzie’s Glamour Shots | Savannah Glamour

August 15, 2020

Mackenzie just turned 14 and was begging her mother for a photo shoot. Her mother Ashley had just had a boudoir session with Savannah Glamour, and booked glamour shots for her daughter on the spot. She had shown me photos of Mackenzie during hair and makeup, and I was excited to meet this young woman […]


Johanna is the main hair and makeup artist at Savannah Glamour, but she has become a great friend as well! As her 40th birthday approached in the time of COVID, I knew we had to do something special so we did some glamour shots for her! We tried on gowns and she picked 2 from […]

Johanna’s 40th Birthday Glamour Shots | Savannah Glamour

July 15, 2020