Savannah Glamour’s 5 Year Anniversary!

Three women in evening gowns posing in front of a tree.

Hi friends, Megan here. I am shocked/stoked Savannah Glamour has been a business for 5 years. I spent a good six months of 2016 preparing to launch Savannah Glamour, and gave it the official “Here it is! My portrait studio!!!” on January 1st 2017!

I asked my main girls to do this shoot with me! I bought a gorgeous pink velvet gown for the session, and asked these lovely ladies to pick a velvet dress from the closet! Johanna is looking pretty in blue. Jo is my main hair and makeup artist (though I work with many talented artists, she is my person, and my friend!). Harmony with the pink/blue hair is my studio assistant, and editor. She has worked for me since the beginning, but came to work with me full time one year ago and my life has been so much easier because of her!

I hope 2022 year brings you all the happiness and prosperity (and no Covid)!

For my studio, it will bring us The Goddess Series, which I am extremely excited about!

XOXO – Megan

Anyway…you should book a session with us awesome ladies. 😉

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