Couples Glamour Session with Stacey and David

An older couple posing for a photo in charleston, south carolina.

This couples glamour session was very special to me. You see, these two love birds are my parents. They live in a Chicago suburb (where I grew up). We try to visit each other as much as possible. On their most recent trip to Savannah to visit me, I talked them into doing a couples glamour session!

My dad was not prepared for this session, as we had not decided to finalize it until they were already in town, so we made a quick trip to the mall to buy him a shirt and tie. I already had bets on which gown my mom was going to choose from the glamour closet, so I found him a blue tie and shirt that would match just in case I was right.

The day of the shoot my friend and talented hair & makeup artist Johanna came doll my mom up. We looked through the glamour closet, and my mom picked and tried on lots of gowns. In the end (with no push from me) she chose the gown I knew she would love best. She looked dazzling in the navy dress with blue sequins!

We ran around Savannah, and my beautiful city gifted us with perfect lighting. It was a dream to share what I offer with my parents, who have always been supportive, but now can see first hand how my portrait session happen. Please enjoy some images from their session that I will be certain to treasure for the rest of my life. ❤

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