Savannah Glamour Session with Lara

A woman in a long pink dress poses in front of pillars.

This is one of my favorite Savannah glamour sessions I have ever photographed! I have been running Savannah Glamour for four and a half, almost five years, and when Lara found me on instagram, she was IN!

Lara decided she wanted it all, so when she booked, she added lots of free perks to her session by using a pre-payment plan. She chose to add a third gown to her look, the gorgeous black angel wings, and ended with the lightsabers after dark.

We created so many wickedly awesome portrait on our jaunt around Savannah, and I am so excited to share them with you! Enjoy!

Here’s what Lara had to say about her glamour session:

“I found Savannah Glamour on Instagram scrolling through my stories. I saw the pictures and decided “I need this RIGHT now!” Within 24 hours Megan contacted me. She gave me a thorough explanation of her packages, how the shoot works, asked what I had in mind, etc… I was confident then I chose the right person. Photoshoot day was amazing! Her, her makeup/hair artist, and assistant were all LOVELY people. They were very easy to get comfortable around. I looked fabulous, I felt fabulous, and my pictures came out top tier glam. The turn around time was so quick too! 10/10 amazing experience and coming back for more!”

– Lara

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