Star Wars Themed Boudoir Session in Savannah

A woman holding a light saber in the dark.

I have always considered myself a bit of a nerd. Not necessarily a Star Wars nerd, but certainly a board game, Harry Potter, Photography nerd. But when one of my clients brought lightsabers to her Savannah Glamour boudoir session, and we kicked on the smoke machine for added effect, I was instantly hooked!

I ran home after her session and said “husband. Let’s buy two nice lightsabers for my business and call it a write off!” He, being the absolutely Star Wars Nerd, got right to it. Before long they arrived, and we are now offering Star Wars themed Boudoir sessions with lightsabers and smoke!

Here’s what one of our Star Wars themed boudoir session model’s had to say:

“Megan was absolutely amazing! I had never done anything like this before, but she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful every step of the way. She takes her time to really make sure you are captured in the best way. There wasn’t a single picture that I didn’t like! I highly recommend Megan and her entire team. Johanna did an amazing job with hair and makeup for me and really brought out my favorite facial features. Her assistant, Harmony, was delightful as well. She really made some of the photos magical by helping stage the sets and adding the movement aspect then quickly escaping from the shot. You can tell everyone really enjoys what they do and they give you their best to create some amazing photos!!”


Enjoy this gallery of examples from our recent lightsaber boudoir sessions!

woman in a sheer dress posing with 2 lightsabers over head
woman's silhouette illuminated by light saber
portrait of woman in lingerie holding a lightsaber
woman in lingerie holding a lightsaber
woman posing in boudoir gown holding light saber
woman's chest wearing lingerie holding a lightsaber
portrait of woman in a sheer dress holding a lightsaber
woman in sheer dress posing with lightsaber in her hand
portrait of woman kneeling on ground in lingerie holding lightsaber
portrait of a woman wearing lace adornment holding two lightsabers
portrait of a woman holding two lightsabers overhead
headshot of a woman holding a lightsaber close to her face
lightsaber illuminating woman's back wearing lingerie
woman posing in lingerie holding a lightsaber
woman in gown and lingerie holding two lightsabers over her head
portrait of a woman with light saber
woman's back holding lightsaber wearing lingerie
silhouette of a woman holding two lightsabers
woman posing with a lightsaber in lingerie
back view of a woman's silhouette posing in a sheer dress

Ready to book your own super nerdy Star Wars themed boudoir photography session? Get in touch here!

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