Crystal’s Mothers Day Glamour Shots | Savannah Glamour

Three girls in gold dresses posing on the beach.

Crystal had her own glamour shots done for her birthday in October, and right then we planned her Mother’s Day spectacular event! Both Crystal and her two daughters traveled into Savannah from Michigan and Florida for a Mother’s Day glamour shots. Camille and Chelsea had heard about the Savannah Glamour experience from their mother, but they officially got to experience it first hand on Mothers Day.

These lovely ladies each chose 3 gowns, we did a black gown look, silver, and then pinks and gold for when we headed to Tybee Island. The lighting was a dream come true, and the absolute joy these women were feeling during their glamour shots is so apparent. I loved working with them and wanted to give you a big sneak peek at their shoot day!

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