Johanna’s 40th Birthday Glamour Shots | Savannah Glamour

Johanna is the main hair and makeup artist at Savannah Glamour, but she has become a great friend as well! As her 40th birthday approached in the time of COVID, I knew we had to do something special so we did some glamour shots for her! We tried on gowns and she picked 2 from the closet that no one had worn before!! We paired the soft pink angel wings with a pink sequin gown, and Johanna also chose a gorgeous black gown! I even surprised her with “40” balloons to celebrate! Her first look was in midtown Savannah, but the second look I dragged her, my assistant Harmony, and my social media manager Sushi, to a forest I know, and we ran around getting muddy and making beautiful glamour shots!

Please enjoy a small sampling of photos from Johanna’s birthday glamour session!

To see her behind the scenes video follow my TikTok @savannahglamour

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