Alyssa’s Mermaid Hair Boudoir Photography Shoot | Savannah Glamour

Boudoir photography is an act of bravery. It is an act of self assurance. It is an empowering act. The women I have had the honor of photographing are awe inspiring, strong women that accept the challenge of being free. Free from restrictions. Free from expectations. Free from judgment, their own included. Savannah Glamour offers a place of exploration and growth through boudoir photography. I get to capture an intimate side of my clients. I get to capture what we have all been raised to keep hidden and private.

I strive to make the boudoir photography experience fun and exciting. The process is personal and secure. Alyssa is a SCAD student who came with blazing red hair & a seashell necklace, ready to channel the Little Mermaid as she braved the experience of boudoir photography with an open heart. The Savannah Glamour studio is a private, comfortable space to express yourself. Alyssa took the studio by storm and commanded a session that resulted in stunning pictures for her own private collection. Boudoir photography is a brilliant way to hold on to a sensation. A moment in your life when you feel confidence, sexuality, and courage. A moment you can visit and revisit whenever you are in need of reminding just how amazing you truly are. Ready to book your Savannah boudoir photography experience like Alyssa did? Click here!

Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid Alyssa Mermaid

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