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The word glamour derives from magic. The fairy folk would use glamour to cloud the eyes. Glamour would make anything more sensual, more beautiful, and imbue it with an ethereal allure that no mortal could resist. In that sense, glamour shots are still rooted in magic. But where classic glamour shots would hide the subject behind a veil of seductive enchantment, I use my camera to reveal the beauty within my clients.
Morgann is a fiery redhead with passion to spare. While walking through the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, I took the opportunity to capture her fierce beauty against the tranquil squares of downtown. Savannah Glamour is dedicated to finding the sexy in every client. Drawing out your most vibrant self in the most beautiful settings. I will be exploring new looks, new attitudes, and new ideas about who you are. I am setting out to take glamour shots of new clients and launching a Savannah photography experience for those ready to see themselves as the beautiful beings they are. I offer a chance to play dress up for grown ups. We can own our perception of who we are and who we want to be!
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