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I am so excited about Savannah Glamour! I can’t wait to show my clients how beautiful they really are. With this new company I am offering three distinct styles of photography. Each style encourages my client to be comfortable with owning their sexy selves.

I offer pinup photography, which harkens to a bygone era when posters featuring scantily clad femme fatales would be pinned up on the wall. With this style of photography you will be treated to a vintage hairstyle and professional makeup. Along with clothing you bring yourself, you will have access to some pieces of pinup clothing we have in studio. Once you are all dolled up, we head out to locations that accent the classic pinup poses I will coach you through in Savannah’s historic district.

Pinup photo shoot not quite your style? You may prefer glamour shots which are photos designed to bring out the most glamorous version of yourself. The full treatment, from a professional hairdresser and makeup artist and a selection of clothing from my Couture Closet accented with a few outfit choices from your personal wardrobe, will lead to a fabulous photography session. You will be bathed in natural light as pictures of you are captured in some of the most beautiful spots in Savannah.

Next, there’s boudoir photography, which is the most daring of the sessions I offer. Boudoir actually means woman’s bedroom and a boudoir session is a scintillating peek at what goes on behind closed doors. After attention from a  hair and makeup artist, you will be invited to find provocative pieces from my Couture Closet. Then, in the privacy of my midtown studio, we will explore the art of the tease. For the more adventurous at heart, you may also choose to have your boudoir session in the great outdoors. I have several secret spots in Savannah. All of my sessions promote positive self-image and acceptance of our beauty and power. It is a wonderful way to express yourself and share the most intimate versions of yourself with those you love.

So here it is, Savannah Glamour. I am so excited to continue shooting Savannah boudoir photography, glamour shots, and pinup photography in my beautiful city! Be sure to follow us on social media!

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