Katie and Sue’s Mother Daughter Glamour Shots | Savannah Glamour

I don’t know if there is such a thing as perfect clients, but Katie and Sue are pretty close. Katie had seen some recent mother/daughter glamour shots work I had done and decided to bring her own mother to Savannah to celebrate her 70th birthday! Savannah is such an amazing place to visit and there are people (like Katie) who come here several times a year. For these folks, they often wonder what to do in Savannah that would be new and fun! That’s where Savannah Glamour comes in. Katie, Sue, and my Savannah Glamour team had a great time glamming them up! Katie went for a more pinup look and Sue wasn’t sure what to wear so we picked out a few glitzy, glamorous gowns for her to rock!
In the end, we created memorable glamour shots for them and the question of what to do in Savannah was answered. They loved every minute of their session and I adored getting the chance to meet and photograph them. We had so much fun and their utter trust in me to make beautiful memorable mother daughter glamour shots on their visit to Savannah is what made them perfect clients! I just adored working with these two beauties!
Now enjoy some portraits from their Savannah Glamour mother daughter session!
P.S. I have rented a studio in downtown Savannah and we are having a grand opening on April 7th! Mark your calendars and keep an eye on the VIP group for more information
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