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Savannah is such a beautiful place to work, but that’s nothing compared to working with a woman who is beautiful both inside and out! Cecilia is such an amazing pillar in our community, from being a runner (Check the photo in her gym shoes!), to the lead in many plays and productions, a fundraiser and all around amazing woman! It was such a treat to get to photograph her glamour shots! We ran all around downtown Savannah, then across the river, and finally ended the session in the golden lit Daffin Park.
Cecilia left me an incredible review as well, which I am so thrilled to share with you:
“I am convinced that Megan is a magician with the camera. She has the perfect eye in finding the right light and scenery to capture a gorgeous shot. I have been wanting to do glamour shots with Megan Jones for such a long time after admiring all of her work. I finally booked my session and had my photo shoot last week. I felt so pampered coming into the studio with a professional make-up artist and hairstylist to transform me into what I selected as “Va Va Voom.” Megan and her assistant, Harmony Kelly, made me feel comfortable and beautiful. I had so much fun looking through her glam closet and trying on a selection of vibrant and glitzy gowns and jewelry. The photo shoot went extremely smooth and efficient. Megan guided me with poses to ensure the perfect shot. I just left my reveal session and couldn’t be more excited!! I love all my photos and can’t wait to get my album in! Thank you for making me feel so glamorous!”
I asked Cecilia to describe her Savannah Glamour portrait experience, and she wrote this wonderful piece for this very blog!
“As a child, I would always play “dress up” which consisted of me pillaging through my mom’s closet and trying on all of her sequin and chiffon dresses. I would plug in her hot rollers to curl my stick-straight hair and apply the brightest and reddest lipstick she had. I remember looking into her full-length mirror and spinning in circles thinking I was the prettiest girl in the world. As an adult, you get lost in the hubbub of life and you don’t get to play “dress-up” very often – unless it’s a special occasion or event. Having this photo shoot with Savannah Glamour made me feel not only like a princess, but reminiscent of those days as a little girl, spinning and twirling her dress in that full-length mirror, feeling like the prettiest girl in the world. From the moment I stepped into the Savannah Glamour studio, I felt at ease. The beauty of not having to worry about doing my own hair and makeup was absolutely wonderful. Megan’s glam squad took great care of me and made me feel like a superstar. Once my makeup and hair was done, I dove into the glam closet to try on a few gowns with help and recommendations from Megan Jones and her assistant, Harmony Kelly.
We picked our top 3 favorite gowns and headed out to our photo shoot sites, which I got to pick. The sites included downtown Savannah with the majestic oak-laden Jones Street, Hutchinson Island for the city’s skyline – and as an added plus – Megan saw some palm trees that turned out to be a great backdrop, and Daffin Park. The sun was shining bright through the tall pine trees and it was the perfect time of day to capture some great shots. I love the natural beauty and allure of Savannah. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful city as your backdrop. I had so much fun doing these shots. Megan would give me sneak peeks at the pictures taken from her camera and I loved each one she showed me.
I couldn’t wait for the reveal session so I could see all of her magic! At the reveal session, I came back to the studio and absolutely fell in love with ALL of my pictures. Seriously, Megan has the perfect eye in catching some amazing glamour shots! How could I pick which ones I liked the best?! I came into the studio thinking I knew what I wanted and after looking at my pictures, I left with so much more! I ordered one of her collection packages and Megan was very patient as I sat there deciding which pictures I wanted for my acrylic block and my digital files. She was very helpful in choosing the final ones. I was excited because my package came with a gorgeous leather album that is a full collection of all my beautiful photos. I loved the experience and absolutely love the end product!” -Cecilia
Hair by Julie and Makeup by Emily of Royal Hair & Makeup
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